Life Science Group Ltd (LSG) Enhances Capabilities for Advanced Lateral Flow Devices

Life Science Group Ltd (LSG) is pleased to announce a significant advancement in its capabilities for the delivery of lateral flow devices. This breakthrough comes as a result of a successful funding submission through Innovate UK, aimed at developing a groundbreaking lateral flow device for the detection of lung cancer utilising urine as the test medium.

With this achievement, LSG confirms its ability to oversee the entire process of lateral flow device production, from antibody design to the delivery of finished devices. The company has adopted cutting-edge technology that facilitates the incorporation of 6-8 channels, each with unique antibody pairings, onto a single lateral flow device. This innovation empowers a single test to provide 6 – 8 distinct diagnoses, revolutionising the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic procedures.

“We are excited to introduce this pioneering technology that promises to redefine the landscape of lateral flow diagnostics,” remarked Jenny Murray, Managing Director at LSG. “Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in diagnostic testing.

Currently, LSG is actively engaged in multiple projects aimed at developing novel lateral flow devices targeting various human and animal disease states. This marks a significant step forward in the company’s mission to deliver cutting-edge diagnostic solutions that address critical healthcare challenges.

For further information or to discuss specific requirements, interested parties are encouraged to contact Jenny Murray at