Discover CellShip®

Discover CellShip® 
Discover CellShip

CellShip® is a novel and potentially disruptive cell transportation and storage medium developed through a highly successful three-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Life Science Group (LSG) and Coventry University. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a national programme, part-funded by Innovate UK, designed to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through partnerships with universities.

The KTP between LSG and Coventry University was awarded the highest grade of “Outstanding” by the KTP Grading Panel for its achievement in meeting KTP’s Objectives.

CellShip® is a liquid buffer that allows for the transport of cells at ambient temperatures without the requirement for cryopreservation. This could allow for the shipment of hybridomas, primary cells and other cells between researchers at ambient temperatures while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the cells. This product could also be extremely disruptive for cell and gene therapy manufacturing, allowing cells to be delivered to the patient at ambient temperatures without apoptosis that occurs following freeze/thaw cycles. This would also mean that harmful cryoprotectants would not be required.CellShip® CellShip Bottle

 An important benefit to note is that the protocol requires minimal cell manipulation.

It also reduces the risk of contamination and improves efficiency within the laboratory. To date, Cellship® is validated for up to 120 h of transport/storage at ambient temperatures. It is a cost-effective, safe, novel and viable alternative to the storage and transportation of cells using standard cryopreservation methods, a useful tool, not only for research purposes but potentially suitable for biomanufacturing and transportation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs).

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