5 Benefits of Going Xeno-Free and Products to Look Out For

Xeno-free products are paving the way to change the way science uses media. Here are just a few of the benefits of shifting your media use to xeno-free can have:

  1. Reduce the use of agricultural land
  2. No more animal slaughter
  3. Reduced CO2 emissions
  4. Faster growth time versus raising animals
  5. Uses less water

Aid in the power to transform the world that we live in; Go xeno-free.

Choosing Xeno-Free products will lead to reducing agricultural land use, ceasing animal slaughtering, and reducing C02 emissions and water usage.

Check out our expanding list of Xeno-Free Products:

CellShip®: Our fully defined, xeno-free cell storage and transportation medium. Our new product provides an alternative to cryopreservation for the transport and short-term storage of mammalian cell lines at ambient temperature for up to 120 hours.

Read more here: https://lifescienceproduction.co.uk/cellship/

T-STORE ® is an innovative, sterile, chemically defined and optimised tissue media. It has been developed to provide a stable storage and shipping environment for mammalian tissue samples. The product has been designed to maintain the integrity of tissue samples, thereby reducing necrosis and apoptosis.

Read more here: https://lifescienceproduction.co.uk/products/t-store/

CellSplit®, a completely xeno-free, non-recombinant alternative to porcine or bovine-derived trypsin used during the sub-culturing of adherent cells. It is of plant origin and manufactured as a GMP-grade product.

CellSplit® offers simplicity to its application, whether directly acting as a substitute for trypsin or as an alternative cell dissociation reagent, ultimately reducing any disruption to your current processes.

View CellSplit® here: https://lifescienceproduction.co.uk/cellsplit-cell-dissociation-reagent-2/

NeuroPlex™ Serum-Free Neuronal Medium is intended for the long-term culture and maintenance of central nervous system cells. This specialized medium is intended for supplementation with Gem21 NeuroPlex™ or N2 NeuroPlex™, depending upon targeted cell type.

View here: https://lifescienceproduction.co.uk/neuroplex-lo-neuronal-medium/